Monday, November 9, 2009

Clubbing WebApps with a Botnet - OWASP AppSec 2009

Back from vacation, fully refreshed, and back to the blog (and conference speaking)...

This week I'll be in Washington DC for the annual OWASP US conference - AppSec USA 2009. I'm speaking Thursday morning (10:45am-11:30am) on the topic of "Clubbing Web Applications with a Botnet", where I'll be covering the threat to Web applications from botnets - in particular they way they can (and are) used as force multipliers in brute-forcing and SQL Injection attacks.

A quick abstract for the talk is as follows:
The lonely hacker taking pot-shots at a Web application – seeking out an exploitable flaw - is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Why try to hack an application from a solitary host using a single suite of tools when you can distribute and load-balance the attack amongst a global collection of anonymous bots and even ramp up the pace of attack by several orders of magnitude? If you’re going to _really_ hack a Web application for commercial gain, the every-day botnet is now core equipment in an attacker’s arsenal. Sure, DDoS and other saturation attacks are possible – but the real benefits of employing botnets to hack Web applications come from their sophisticated scripting engines and command & control which allow even onerous blind-SQL-injection attacks to be conducted in minutes rather than days. If someone’s clubbing your Web application with a botnet, where are your weaknesses and how much time have you really got?
I spoke briefly on the topic earlier this year at the OWASP Europe conference, but will be covering some new research in to techniques and trends - in particular the growing viability of Blind SQL Injection techniques.

If you happen to be in DC Thursday/Friday, drop by the conference. If you're already planning on attending the OWASP conference, make sure you attend my talk in the morning.

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