Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ollmann speaking at the ISSA CISO Executive Event

It looks like I'll be in Los Angeles this coming weekend for the ISSA CISO Executive Event in Anaheim.

The theme for this years event is "Cyber Crime", and I'll be speaking on the topic "The Silent Breach: Botnet CnC Participation in the Enterprise"

I've constructed a brand new presentation for this executive event, and I'll be covering the dynamics of botnet command and control practices, and the implications for enterprise security - in particular the transition from "infection" to "breach". There's a lot of new analysis content based upon observations within real-life enterprise environments - and that's an important distinction. Practically all past analysis of botnets have been focused upon the Internet at large but - guess what - the dynamics within enterprise are quite a bit different!

I'm looking forward to the event and the discussions that follow.

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