Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pentesters and Beer

Over the years I've come to the inevitable conclusion that pentesters and beer are inseparable. It's as fundamental a pairing as salt & pepper, Internet & porn, Kebabs & chilli-sauce...

Most days of pentesting culminate in an evening down the pub (typically with the customers onsite technical authority), and yet the following day all concerned are as sprightly as they were on the first day (yes - there are reasons for that!).

On the other hand, gathering an onslaught of pentesters together is always a cause for concern. Taking the onslaught to a far-away land for a company kickoff tends to result in high medical expenses and some interesting legal fees - but, as the saying goes, you're not a real pentester if you get caught.

Nowadays pentesters go onsite armed with quad-core laptops, MP3 players and bottles of maximum strength paracetamol. But there's always been something missing - until now!

Pentesters of the world, I give you the preformatted Formal Apology...

Note: There have been many discussions about the naming convention for a group of pentesters. "Hustle", "swarm", "gaggle" and "pilgrimage" have all been proposed at some stage - I prefer "onslaught".

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