Monday, February 16, 2009

Timing of the Inevitable

Over the last week there have been two inevitable accidents. Inevitable in the sense that we all knew it could happen, and that it would happen eventually. Last week two satellites collided, and this morning it was announced that two nuclear submarines collided (as to precisely when this incident actually took place, I'm not sure).

What does that have to do with cyber security? Not a lot really, but perhaps this week could also so some particularly gruesome hash collision?

Granted there'll be no clanging of steel, dents and scrapes, or chunks of rubbish floating around in orbit. But it's interesting to note that while something is as inevitable as a hash collision, so few organizations actually factor them in to their security models - even as an extreme contingency.

Ask yourself this, with all the applications and authentication methods you rely upon today to do your daily work, what would a hash collision mean to you or the business you work for?

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  1. Terea are a lot of such accidents. Most impressive was when two large jet aircraft crashed over southern Germany, 71 people died:

    According to security I think that in cryptography the most powerfull method is luck :)