Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to a New Security Blog

So, after several years of blogging and battling with various posting software permutations, I've decided to make use of as the portal for new blogs about security.

I'll still keep posting to the other sites and - but this will (hopefully) become the main blog portal for those various "pearls of security wisdom" that past readers have been so fond of.

In addition, since this blog won't be an official IBM or X-Force blog, I'm planning on being a little more opinionated and judgemental - but as professional as ever - with maybe a pinch more sarcasm. It'll also allow me a bit more flexibility in the topics I cover - so expect a wider variety of discussions.

One thing I'm really hoping for though, is the ability to pull together blog content and get it online faster than ever before. If you knew how cumbersome the X-Force blogging system is, and how often the staging server brakes down, you'd soon see why so few IBMers bother blogging there.

So, with all that said, this is my Christmas present to both of us - a new blog, with a better input interface, and the prospect of more frequent and interesting blogs.

Merry Christmas.

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