Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Serial Variant Evasion Tactics Whitepaper Released

Finally, today saw the public release of my latest technical whitepaper. This new whitepaper focuses on the business and techniques of generating unlimited quantities of undetected malware.

Cybercriminals have built serial variant production systems for several years and have been increasingly successful in using their spawned malware to bypass antivirus detection systems. The concept is simple - produce and release new malware faster than the antivirus companies can release new signatures to detect them. This idea lies at the very heart of the explosion (and exponential growth) in the numbers of new malware being discovered.

My latest whitepaper explains the components used by cybercriminals to construct "undetectable" malware - breaking down the tools they rely upon and the production tactics they use.

The papers goal is to enlighten those responsible for maintaining enterprise antivirus defenses about the tools cybercriminals and botnet masters have at their disposal - and help them better understand the root causes for the exponential growth in malware on the Internet.

New paper is here - Serial Variant Evasion Tactics.

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  1. Great paper Gunter. Really getting a great picture of how widespread, complex and sophisticated malware and botnets have become. Very impressive.